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Dear visitors,

while planning your trip to Istria, which is often called a Croatian Tuscany I am sure you look for an accommodation in the most picturesque Istrian town - Rovinj.

I would like to recommend to you few outstanding places which will fulfil your experiences.

Casa Allegra - House da mamma & Casa Allegra - House

da papa 

Two holiday houses with shared backyard, designed by a noted Polish architect, Katarzyna Baumiller, combine historical architecture with modern touch and functionality. Owners preserved the original stone walls and wooden parts as a tribute to the ancient soul of our house. Careful interior design imparts an unique charm to its history, making this place incredibly cosy.

Casa Allegra is situated in the heart of Rovinj’s old town, two steps from the baroque Church of St Euphemia: away from its noisy main streets but close enough to feel the captivating atmosphere of this seaside Mediterranean town. 


There are two holiday houses at your disposal: “House da mamma” for 2 up to 4 guests and “House da papà” for 2 up to 6 guests.

Casa Amando

The eco-certified boutique house a family-led, completely renovated and eco-certified Boutique House located "at the most beautiful corner of Rovinj" - on the Historic Old Town Peninsula. It is designed for travelers, design lovers and aesthetes who prefer a unique and sustainable atmosphere to a classic hotel but enjoy a similar comfort.

This boutique house was formerly owned by artists and has kept its artistic spirit: A lot of love and attention to detail has gone into Casa Amando to enrich your experience and make you feel at home in a private and relaxed atmosphere while offering hotel-like comfort and services through smart technology and service partners. We fell in love with this house why we named it Amando - which means The Beloved - and designed it as if we had designed it for ourselves.

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